John Replinger, Architecture

John designed and supervised construction of houses for more than 40 years. He did most of his work in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, but his designs also appear in rural Illinois, California, Michigan, and Florida. We have reasonable photos of most of the 40 houses that he designed. The pull-down menu beneath the “John Replinger, Architecture” page displays images of his houses organized by decade.

By a web search, we found excellent photographs of two of John’s houses, taken by Phillip Kalantzis-Cope. A few of those appear in the 1950s and 1960s pages. See the galleries on Kalantzis-Cope’s site at

For more about three of John’s houses (Allen, 1956; Shull, 1959; Peterson, 1969), see the information sheet from Modern Urbana Home Tour 2012 by the city of Urbana:

See also for a blogger’s photographs and comments on two of John’s houses that were featured on that tour.

We start here with the earliest work produced by the architect—a painting that he did before he designed any house:

Oil 15 x 20 in. c. 1947

15 x 20 in.
c. 1947

Oil 15 x 20 in. c. 1947

Oil (detail)
15 x 20 in.
c. 1947

3 thoughts on “John Replinger, Architecture

    • It has a lot of similarities. I recently went into a home he designed in Lincolnshire Fields and it had the same ceramic tile, etc. Maybe it was the same builder.
      I love your Fathers work, very distinctive contemporary Architecture.

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