This collection of images is from October 2014. Two points: weather doesn’t matter, and long exposures can sometimes help capture a sense of the experience.

The high clouds that streamed across our sky on a mid-November day offered an easy way to “love my background.” I walked along railroad tracks and the Mississippi River with our dog. Here’s what I found:

A Sunday afternoon in early November 2013 with clear skies gave us a last day for traditional color peeping on foot. Our route took us through our neighborhood to Longview Park, a mile from our house. The park straddles the bluff above the Mississippi and thus has many 200-year-old oaks, as well as trees of other species. Turns out, though, that most of the 9 images I chose for this collage (I shot 55 photos during our one-hour walk) are not leaves at all, or at least are not the usual eye-popping fall colors.

These collages are built from photos that I took in September and October of 2013, mostly during long walks around Rock Island with our dog and from two weekend trips to Champaign-Urbana.


Sunsets over Hamlin Lake, of which we have unobstructed views, are easily photographed. Most evenings flash some beauty. These are the best from late June through late July 2013.

I made these two photographs of foamy water that periodically collects in the small seawall-bounded slip on the waterfront. I did some manipulation of colors with the simple editing tools that I have available through Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Bob Photograph

Foam on black.

Bob Photograph

Foam on blue and green.


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