Performing Art

Musical Theater

Singing “Spread a Little Sunshine” (with Grant Osborn) in Pippin, April 2014, Center for Living Arts, Rock Island:

"Spread a Little Sunshine" (photo April 2014)


Singing “The Music and the Mirror” from A Chorus Line, November 2013 (5:03):

"The Music and the Mirror"

“The Music and the Mirror”

Singing at Cool Beanz coffeehouse, August 2013 (1:06):

Snapshot Cool Beanz


Audition tape for summer dance intensives, produced December 2013 (9:20):

Audition tape, December 2013.

Audition tape, December 2013.


Playing “Ballad for Zoe” with the Washington Junior High School jazz band at Rock Island jazz night, April 21, 2014 (3:15) (Zoe shares the solo with her friend saxophonist Jake Maranda):


Solo at Illinois Grade School Music Association contest, March 2014 (eighth grade) (5:25):

Playing “Taps” at school assembly, November 2013 (0:52):

Snapshot Taps

Playing trumpet in the Northwest Illinois region junior jazz band, November 2013 (5:50):

Solo, "Vila Real"

Solo, “Vila Real”

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