Stacey Replinger, Painter

My recent posts have been all about the art of my late mother, Dot Replinger, and her and my father’s collection of arts and crafts. This post, and possibly some subsequent ones, will feature the art of Stacey Replinger, my wife. Stacey and Dot grew close over the years by working together on art investigations and study. They spent many days together making art at the “Replinger Arts Colony” in Michigan in summers past, particularly 2013 and 2014. In a lakeside boathouse converted to a studio, they would gather the materials and resources needed to explore various disciplines including collage, gelatin prints, acrylic painting, jewelry, and more.

Dot and Stacey, boathouse studio, July 2013.

Stacey’s sister recently asked about a painting from Stacey’s high school art days. Today Stacey will give her that painting, inspired by Dorothea Lange’s famous 1936 photograph, now known as Migrant Mother. The back of the painting includes the teacher’s comment that although Stacey didn’t exactly follow the instructions, her work deserved an A.

After Lange’s Migrant Mother, Stacey Replinger, c 1977.

Last night, forty-some years later, Stacey finished another painting for her sister, this one channeling Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.


After Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Stacey Replinger, November 2019.\

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