Masks for Children of Eden

One of the summer shows at the Quad Cities Music Guild will be Children of Eden, a musical based on the Book of Genesis. Stacey has taken on the job of costumer. Her first task is to prepare masks for the children who will play the animals of Noah’s Ark. The key points here are to ensure that the audience (parents, grandparents) can see the actors’ faces, that the audience can read the masks from the back of the theatre, requiring simplicity and high contrast in design, and that the masks will stay on the actors’ heads as they dance and move.

IMG_2563 (1024x683)

In the workshop. Note use of thick cardboard.

IMG_2567 (1024x683)

Stacey modeling an early version of tiger mask.

IMG_2575 (1024x683)

Alternative giraffe masks.

IMG_2576 (1024x683)

Rabbit masks showing use of baseball cap to hold mask on top of head.

IMG_2577 (1024x683)

Wolf, dog, zebra.


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