Zoe as a Performer in Musical Theatre

As Zoe prepares for her current show, the musical Legally Blonde, we review her work this year on stage. First was West Side Story at the Center for Living Arts, in which she played the part of Anita, the fiery Shark girl. The challenge dance, “Dance at the Gym,” comprising “Blues,” “Promenade, “Mambo, “Cha-cha, “Meeting Scene,” and “Jump,” was a highlight for her (and us).

Next, in May, was the Rock Island High School production of Music Man. Zoe played the part of a River City teen. Several songs used her dance (ballet) skills to good effect.

This month, over two weekends, Zoe performed in the Quad City Music Guild production of Cats. She played the part of Tantomile, a psychic cat, who, with her twin Coricopat, can sense the presence of danger before it becomes apparent to the other characters. Although Tantomile is considered a minor cat, Zoe was on stage for most of the show and had a prominent front-row position on many of the dance-heavy numbers.

IMG_8177 (2000x1733) focalsoft vibr

As Anita in West Side Story, with Bernardo, “At the Dance.”

IMG_8322 (2000x1500) vibr

As Anita.

IMG_8647 (1280x853)

As River City teen in Music Man.

IMG_8651 (1280x841)

IMG_8698 (1280x843)

IMG_9439 crop (1280x852)

As Tantomile in Cats.

IMG_9453 crop (1280x1144)

IMG_9473 (1280x856)



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