Props for Cats the Musical

Stacey has been working for several weeks and longer to create props for the musical Cats, the Quad City Music Guild production that opens this weekend and in which daughter Zoe plays the part of the cat Tantomile.

Stacey has created oversized (3 ft) silverware, a special spoon that the cat Bustopher Jones dances with as a cane and uses as a mirror, beetle bodies and heads with antennae,  cardboard boxes and laundry baskets that the cats fashion into dog heads, and a football that is repurposed into a bagpipe.

The items shown here are close to the finished products. Stacey made several of the props in far different versions, notably the dog heads, before matching the director’s vision and building versions that would work with the actors’ costumes, allow the actors to dance and sing while wearing them, accommodate the oversized ears of the cats’ wigs, and accommodate quick changes.

IMG_9341 (1024x681)

Cats to open July 10 at Prospect Park, Moline.

IMG_9342 (1024x683)

Zoe wearing the Pom (Pomeranian) head.

IMG_9346 (1024x683)

Zoe wearing the Peke (Pekinese) head.

IMG_9347 (1024x683)

Police dog heads.

IMG_9354 (1024x683)

Stacey wearing the beetle body and antennae backstage.

IMG_9383 (1024x683)

Embellishing the beetle bodies in the home studio.

IMG_9393 (1024x683)

Football bagpipes.



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