Ghost Signs in Davenport, Part 3

Over the last month, I have added to my photo collection of ghost signs. Here are several visible from the Davenport riverfront. The Peterson Paper sign has obviously been repainted; the former factory was converted into a 19-unit apartment building in 2012, and the name is a key part of the branding for the development.

The Timmermann and Iowa Bearing buildings retain their signage from years ago. The sign that proclaims “8 FT” once told swimmers the depth of the pool at the Howard Johnson Hotel at the foot of the Government Bridge in Davenport. At some point during the property’s long decline, the pool was paved over. The hotel has ben closed since 2009. Demolition has been planned for several years.

The Rock Island Lines sign on the bridge isn’t quite as visible as I have made it out to be. First, I increased the contrast and color saturation to make the letters more distinct. Second, through the magic of a post-processing editing tool called cloning, I removed the yellow ribbon that sits across the “A” and “N” in “ISLAND.” The ribbon in this context at the entrance to a US Army installation surely means “Support our troops.” Of course, no disrespect toward our soldiers is intended. My intention is to focus on the Rock Island Lines graphic.

Midwest Timmermann Co., B.J. Timmermann & Co.

Midwest Timmermann Co., B.J. Timmermann & Co., Shipping Department

Peterson Paper Company, from SW

Peterson Paper Co., from SW

Iowa Bearing Co.

Iowa Bearing Co.

Peterson Paper Co., Iowa Bearing Co., from SE

8 FT, Howard Johnson Hotel

8 FT, Howard Johnson Hotel

Rock Island Lines

Rock Island Lines


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