Stacey Finds a New Art Discipline

Perhaps because she is reading the current bestseller about clutter, Stacey has set off on a new direction in art. Let me explain. The book urges us to pare down our possessions by a fantastic proportion, such as reducing our average of 150 garment tops (blouses, shirts, sweater, whatever) to 50 or fewer. The same goes for everything else. Enjoy the items for a while, give thanks for the happiness and utility they brought, and dispose of them one way or another.

For artists, the trouble is that we need a lot of material and equipment to make art. We must have 300 tubes of paint in our house, maybe more, dozens of canvasses, sketchbooks, pastels, pencils, brayers, paper, brushes, hundreds of them, and so on. And after we make art, the problem multiplies. We may try to sell it, and a few pieces move on in that way, but most of it ends up in storage. And we buy art to display, as if we don’t have enough of our own stuff.

Stacey new efforts in working on costumes and props for musical theater have the advantage of being practical and ephemeral. Oh, the items may survive in the costume inventory of the Music Guild, but Stacey doesn’t have to keep or maintain them. She has worked over the last couple weeks in support of Rock Island High School’s production of The Music Man, showing on Thursday through Saturday. (Daughter Zoe appears as part of the chorus and has a dance part or two.)

One of Stacey’s contributions was to upgrade the togas, four of them, I think, by adding a Greek motif trim. Here’s the process and results:







IMG_8586 (1024x773)


IMG_8587 (1024x683)


IMG_2399 (480x640) soft



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