38th Annual High School Art Invitational, Quad City Arts

The annual exhibition of art by high school students (and their teachers) opened tonight at the Quad City Arts gallery in downtown Rock Island. The exhibition included paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, and mixed media. Art students and teachers from many schools in the region were represented. Artists were eligible for over $2,000 in prizes from sponsorships and entry fees.

Stacey entered photographs of five of her students and her own work, a painting. Alas, the judges did not select any of those artworks for prizes.

IMG_7866 (1024x684)

High School Invitational

IMG_7858 (1024x683)

Stacey Replinger (left)
Smoking Ruins of Discworld
Watercolor, gouache, and ink on board

IMG_7871 (1024x683)

IMG_7859 (1024x679)

Shayla Gallardo
A Polish in Pink

IMG_7860 (1024x678)

Isiah Randall

IMG_7861 (1024x684)

Left: Maddison Klieber
My Dog in Blue
Right: Adriana Gallardo
Texture Wrap

IMG_7862 (1024x683)

Alexandra Sisk
Sky’s the Limit

IMG_7864 (1024x683)

cool lighted robot



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