Eagles and Ice Leave; We Discover a New Gallery

Our walk last Saturday in the suddenly warming spring took us over the Mississippi River to Davenport. Many of the hundreds of Quad Cites eagles appear to have departed, and only a few blocks of ice rode the river. I lament the passing of the cold season.
But new elements materialize for us to explore, notable L & D 15, a gallery-boutique on Second Street a few blocks west of the Figge Art Museum and east of the Centennial Bridge. The space displays clothing, jewelry, and art, from both local and New York City sources. The owners are designer Lopeti Etu and artist-designer David Balluff, recent transplants from Brooklyn. See their website at http://landd15.com/. The currently featured artist is painter David Houk, a Davenport teacher.

Mississippi River

IMG_7499 touchup vign

IMG_7489 (1280x851) hdr vign

L & D 15 Gallery and Boutique

IMG_7497 (1024x683)




2 thoughts on “Eagles and Ice Leave; We Discover a New Gallery

  1. Say, thanks for the tip–I’ll check out this gallery. I’ve enjoyed your winter postings, but I’m glad spring has sprung.

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