Photography, October Blossoms and Leaves

The photos try to capture the striking colors of the season. Weather doesn’t matter much. The blossoms are vibrant in the soft gray fog, and the leaves pop in golden October days. The photos of Indiana were taken from a moving bus. To re-create the sense of blending that occurred as we passed mile after mile of colorful woodlots, I used some long time exposures. I did some light post processing with Windows Photo Gallery and Ribbet, adding subtle vignettes, boosting the saturation slightly, adjusting detail (sharpening), and adding HDR effect to clouds (in “Clouds and Beans”).

IMG_5172 (2000x1333) HDR vign 80 40 80

Clouds and Beans, Champaign County, Illinois

IMG_5267 (2000x1336)

Morning Glory, Rock Island

IMG_5278 (2000x1333) vign 80 40 70

Sunflower in fog, Rock Island

IMG_5279 (2000x1333)

Sunflowers, Rock Island

IMG_5282 (2000x1333)

Zinnias, Rock Island

IMG_5357 (2000x1333) boost 10

Swanie Slough, Augustana College, Rock Island

IMG_5364 (2000x1330)

Gold water, Rock Island

IMG_5365 (2000x1333)

Orange water

IMG_5505 (2000x1330) bbost 10 vign 80 40 80

Indiana 1, from bus

IMG_5532 (2000x1335) boost 10 HDR 10 vign 80 40 80

Indiana 2

IMG_5610 (2000x1333) bbost 5 vign 80 40 80

Indiana 3



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