Lane House, Architect John Replinger

Dot (Mom) and I took a short drive on April 1 to celebrate her release from the rehabilitation center. As we did many times in past years, we drove past several of John’s (Dad’s) houses in south Champaign. Here is a look at one.

The Lane house was built in 1980. The house differs from most other Replinger-designed houses in its complex, non-right-angle plan. The main section of the house is oriented east of south, almost southwest-northeast, parallel with the lake shore. Likewise, the garage and driveway area are oriented away from the cardinal directions, this time northwest to southeast. The two section are connected by an entry section that is perpendicular to the main section of the house. So all this creates an interesting façade from the street, which is enhanced by the well-designed and well-maintained landscaping. The owners have maintained the house in splendid condition.

Lane House, street side, from northeast

Lane House
Street side, from northeast

IMG_1639gGreekIs50 (1280x740)

Lake side, from southwest
Note overturned aluminum boats


IMG_1641GreekIs50 (1280x1004)

Showing bridge over lake inlet, from southwest


IMG_1643GreekIs50 (1280x853)

Detail, chimney and shed dormer


IMG_1646nohydgreekisland  (1280x802)

Street view 2, from north

Lane house map view

Lane house, Google Maps satellite view


2 thoughts on “Lane House, Architect John Replinger

  1. Thanks for the great images! Do you know the address of your father’s home for the Nash family in Woodside California, featured here a while back? I have become obsessed with it, and would love to know if it has been cared for, and where it is exactly. Going on a road trip with my son Eliot, and we hope to see some great houses in California. Many thanks for any information you may have.

  2. Pat: The address, according to Dot’s old address book, is 155 Sunrise Drive, Woodside, CA. If you find the place, please take a photo and send it to me. The site is fabulous. With a telescope, you could see the elevator at the Mark Hopkins Hotel on Nob Hill, legend says.

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