Happy Birthday, Dot

Dot is celebrating her birthday on January 30. We present here two linocuts that she did some years ago at Glenbard High School (Glen Ellyn, IL). She was active in academic and leadership roles as well. Here is part of her high school graduation speech, “Design for Living”:

The reason above all others for our inclination toward design is that to us it has represented more than a phase of art. It has been a symbol of all that America stands for—freedom!

Here in America no one dictates to you as to the way you should travel or the places you should go; no one tells the designer exactly what to draw or how to draw it. Just as you are free to choose your vocation and perform your obligations as you see fit, we are free to choose our own subjects and to interpret them in any way we wish—patterned on our own personal ideals.

Most of us on the platform here tonight have planned parts of our lives since entering high school. . . . We have been able to continue the scribbling which we started in the grades all the way through our high school careers—picking out the most interesting lines to follow and thus working out, we might say, the first draft of our design for living.

IMG_0241 (947x1024)

IMG_0243 (1024x807)


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