Big Art: “Watercolor”

My friend Bert, whom I’ve known since I was a young boy and he was a teen, indulges me every year during Christmas week. I call him on Christmas Eve or thereabouts, telling him that I’m in Florida, and he invites me to lunch. On the appointed day, I drive from the Gulf side of Florida around Lake Okeechobee to his place on the Atlantic side. Over lunch—he pays always—we review family adventures and discuss sport, politics, and culture.

This December I was keen on seeing his new art work that I’d read about on his blog, Driving After Dark. Our special guest this year at lunch was Amie, the artist whom Bert commissioned to fill the large blank wall at his house. Here a short except from Bert’s blog entry about the art and few photos of the artist and her work.

This, the last day, was to be especially exciting with the application of prismatically derived primary colors to the spray and foamy white as the sun’s rays break up in the frenzy of tossing bubbles. Chrome yellow, bright orange, deeper red, and a slash of electric green. Now we are having fun. The concept is taking life. The primary colors; dabbed and smeared into the white spray completes the initial concept and inspiration for its name, “watercolor.”

For more, see, entry 9.27.13.

"Watercolor" Acrylic, 8 x 12 ft

Acrylic, 8 x 12 ft

The artist, Amie.

The artist, Amie.

Artist and patron.

Artist and patron.




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